SofLens For Astigmatism – 6 Monthly Lenses



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The SofLens For Astigmatism distinguishes itself through its high mobility on the eye, while at the same time, its rotational movement during blinking is only 2 degrees. Stabilisation follows immediately and is absolutely reliable. For excellent visual quality, a water content of 66% provides high oxygen permeability in all parameters. At the same time, the smooth outer surface guarantees good wetting characteristics and the non-ionised character of the material makes the SofLens For Astigmatism especially resistant to deposits. The SofLens For Astigmatism maintains unusually high standards for adjustment and wearing comfort.SofLens® For Astigmatismslight adjustment-Excellent self-stabilization >90% at 270 degrees ( /-5%) Excellent oxygenationHigh water retention capacityHigh spontaneous and long-term safetyExcellent comfort due to flexible material.