SandyGrendel Loupes TP-710 2.5x



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Loupes for dentists, plastic surgery, etc..The SandyGrendel loupes (SwissLoupes) for dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists, precision engineers, dermatologists, cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgery, pediatric surgeons, etc. is the perfect loupes (Lupe system, Precision magnifiers) incl. Protective function. The magnifying visual aid of SandyGrendel provides optimal stereoscopic near vision. The loupes is supported by a special spectacle frame made of titanium (lead frame) at the head and therefore offers maximum mobility, because both hands are free for manipulations at the object. The Medizinallupenbrille comes in dentistry for daily application and is the magnifying glasses of the latest generation. With magnifying glasses, the surgical field is enlarged and more illuminated. The result is a more accurate work.The SandyGrendel loupes (operating microscope) is available in the magnification 2.5x and 3.3x. When refractive errors can be used precisely for a correction glasses prescription. It is particularly important here to presbyopia (presbyopia) thinking, which becomes noticeable from the age of 40. In order to view the surrounding area, the cutlery, appliances, assistants, computers, monitors, manuals, etc. sharp while working, clear and relaxed. Customizing the convergence angle of the eyepieces, the height positioning of the optical system and the eye distance can be made accurately. The SandyGrendel loupes can be extremely accurately on each tab (also Asian noses) by the adjustable nose pad / silicone pads to be adjusted. The fogging / tarnishing of the protective shield of loupes is avoided by the sufficiently large distance from the end!We like to advise you in more detail about loupes branded Sandy Grendel (SandyGrendel Swiss Loupes). Visit us in our specialty shop Müller Optik in Zurich (eidg. Dipl. Optometrists, Opticians diploma) in Zurich, 3 minutes‘ walk from Hb. You can find information about Magnification loupes and loupe systems of brands Carl Zeiss, Sandy Grendel, Oculus, Keeler, Heine, Eschenbach, Lensvision.Com.Spezialist SandyGrendel Lupenbrillen: Müller Optik Zürich Ag Content: 1x loupes SandyGrendel Tp-710 2.5x Case. 1 Box, incl. 1 screwdriver & microfibre cloth & silicone nosepiece Manufacturer: SandyGrendel (Swiss Loupes Sandy Grendel) Warranty: 3 years Enlargement: 2.5x Weight: 36g Adapting loupes: 30-45 minutes on appointment Specifications: Ti-Pro frame, shield and teleloupe Sg 2.5x (handmade in Switzerland). Working distances of loupes with 2.5x eyepieces: 300, 350, 400, 500mm. Working distances of loupes with 3.3x eyepieces: 350mm and 400mm. Diameter of the clear viewing zone through the eyepieces 2.5x is 60-70mm. Diameter of the clear viewing zone through the eyepieces 3.3x is 40-45mm. Led Kopfbeleutung achieves a lighting time at a time of about 4-5 hours with rechargeable batteries. Led light output is 21,000 Lux at a working distance of 35cm. An easy-mount type yellow filter (with 2 small magnets) simplifies working with dental fillings / polymerization. Materials: Frame and glass frame rims are made of pure titanium (uncoated) Eyepieces are made of mineral glass and aluminum (anodized) made Attachments to the eyepieces: anodized aluminum Attachments for glass versions: Box -> Plastic, Zytel 280g 33hsl Spring -> Inox Slider -> Inox Screws -> Inox Front plate: pure titanium Shield: Polycarbonate (incl Hartlack.) Attachments shield: Inox / Titanium