Carl Zeiss G 2.5x TTL Loupes – incl. Titanium Frame, without LED



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Carl Zeiss G 2.5x Ttl loupes Medical Loupes for surgeons, dentists, etc..The teleloupe glasses G 2.5 Ttl. is a binocular headband magnifier which is customized at the official distributor of Carl Zeiss Meditec Lensvision Ag or Müller Optik Zürich Ag.. It is used for binocular stereoscopic near vision of professional users such as used in medicine and technology. The teleloupe systems Galilean type. offer a 2.5-fold magnification and are in three different working distances (350mm / 400mm / 450mm). available. The optical systems (eyepieces) are installed in the (by) lens. (Ttl = trough the lens). The plastic lenses can be plan. or for the correction..The medical loupes Carl Zeiss G 2.5x Ttl loupes with titanium eyeglass frame for dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists, precision engineers, dermatologists, cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgery, pediatric surgeons, etc. is the perfect magnifying loupe (magnifying glass system, precision magnifiers) incl. protective function. The magnifying visual aid of Carl Zeiss G 2.5x Ttl loupes provides optimal stereoscopic near vision. The magnifying glasses worn by special glasses titanium frame (system support) on the head and therefore offers maximum mobility, because both hands are free for manipulation of the object. The Medizinallupenbrille comes in dentistry for daily use and is the magnifying glasses of the latest generation. Using loupes the operative field is increased and more illuminated. The result is a more accurate work. specialist SandyGrendel Loupes: Müller Optik Ag Zurich code content. 1x Carl Zeiss G 2.5x Ttl loupes including adidas Sport frame without Led . Case. 1 box, incl. microfibre cloth Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Warranty: 1 Click to enlarge: 2.5x Shipping Weight: 22g We will be happy to advise you more about the brand loupes Carl Zeiss. Visit us in our specialty business Mueller Optics in Zurich (eid. Dipl. Optometrists, Opticians diploma) in Zurich, 3 minutes walk from the main station. You can find information about magnifying glasses and loupe systems of brands Carl Zeiss, Sandy Grendel, Oculus, Keeler, Heine, Eschenbach, Lensvision loupes. enlarge. working distance from the eye. free object distance. Field of view. 2.5x 350mm 315mm 75mm 2.5x 400mm 365mm 85mm 2.5x 450mm 415mm 94mm Carrier system Kf is a high quality eyeglass frame from titanium with anti-glare and hardened plastic lenses. Capacities material Color: Large Size: 56-18 large, pure titanium with titanium solder-free nature Medium Size: 53-20 standard laser-welded joints Small size: 50-18 smallAdjustment of the loupes: 30-45 minutes on appointment