Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro S Loupes (1463-680)



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Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro S Loupes (1463-680)Choose your own lens from the wide range of working distances and magnifications. System on a titanium frame (F). EyeMag Pro and its excellent optical quality will convince you from the first moment.The titanium is used Kf loupes for binocular stereoscopic near vision in medicine and technology. The Kepler telescope magnifying system design shear titan is on the carrier system Kf, a version with straight temples and elastic strap mounted. The optics are in different magnifications and working distances, the system supports version available in different sizes. Allow eyeglass wearers to wear in front of the frame. This will be glazed with any lenses for the correction. The vertical positioning and inclination of the system K teleloupe done to the eyes via the connecting portion of the leadframe. The adjustment of the distance between eyes is done on the buckling of the bridge system. If required, the system K teleloupe pivot out from the field and lead back into the working position. By the screw-in lens shield, the standard is included in the teleloupe system K, the optical systems are splash proof and protected against damage.Loupes teleloupe system EyeMag Pro S from Carl Zeiss. This system is available in various combinations of magnification and the Arbeitsabtandes. Please select from the table below in the appropriate version for your needs.MagnificationWorking distance from eyeFree object distanceField of view3.2x500mm430mm115mm3.3x450mm380mm100mm3.5x400mm330mm86mm3.6x350mm280mm71mm4.0x300mm230mm56mm4.0x500mm425mm93mm4.3x400mm325mm68mm4.5x250mm180mm40mm4.5x350mm275mm56mm5.0x235mm155mm36mm5.0x300mm220mm44mm5.0x235mm155mm36mm6.0x215mm135mm30mm8.0x190mm110mm23mmCf carrier system is a high quality spectacle frames made from titanium and hardened plastic with anti-glare glasses. Capacities Material Color: Large Size: 56-18 large, pure titanium with titanium solder-free nature Average size: 53-20 standard laser-welded joints Small Size: Small 50-18Length (optical systems) Weight: 51.5mm to 62mm, about 135gSupplementary and replacement parts: lens, shock protection (sterilization), cold-light illuminationIncluded: Special container (case) Lens Cover