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Proclear Compatibles Contact Lenses from Cooper Vision( = Cadence Premium = options comfort+ = Ascend Comfort = eye pro.c = iWear Dr Supreme+ = eye.fresh United Optics these products are 100% identical like Proclear from Cooper Vision!). Lens Care Recommendation: Dynaeasy 4. Proclear months are the first soft contact lenses in the world with phosphorylcholine, a natural substance. It is used because of their absolute tissue compatibility in medicine (artificial arteries, etc.). Proclear contact lenses from the eye to be viewed as endogenous substance. The lenses stay all day until late into the night evenly moist, there is virtually no feeling of dryness in the eye. Proclear are particularly suitable for computer work. Emerged from the elements made for the eyes Proclear. The biocompatible contact lens with an optimal water retention and high wearing comfort throughout the day. The natural solution for your eyes. Feel free to Proclear. A high percentage of contact lens wearers complain about the decreasing comfort, caused by the drying of the contact lens. The aim of the development of the Proclear material is to ensure the high degree of comfort during a long gestation period. Phosphorylcholine (Pc) is a molecular component that is present in both human, animal and plant cells and is recognized as an endogenous substance. Biomedical engineers used e.g. Pc for bypasses, artificial veins and cannulas. To prepare the Proclear contact lenses is a synthetic copy of the Pc. Pc is zwitterionic, i.e. simultaneously positively and negatively charged, thus outwardly non-ionic. Because of the electrical neutrality of the surface tends Proclear contact lens is not for the formation of deposits, for example Lipids and proteins from the tear film. Due to the high water binding capacity of the Pc molecule a permanent contact lens wetting of the surface is ensured. The Proclear contact lenses are one of the first biocompatible lenses on the market and offer a comfortable fit throughout the day. Pc Advantages: comfort: The biocompatibility of the material has a high wearing comfort throughout the day and a good long-term tolerance. The Proclear spontaneously adopted by the eye and provides a clear vision for long periods and high compatibility. High water retention: The Proclear material has a high water binding capacity, which ensures constant wetting of the surface. Due to the low water content of dehydration remains throughout the day, get up late at night and thus makes the Proclear lens and well tolerated for the treatment of dry eye.