Proclear EP – 3 Monthly Lenses



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CooperVision Proclear has in the product received the first contact lenses were ertwickelt specifically for the visual needs of contact lens wearers who suffer mentioned among the early effects of presbyopia, and presbyopia. Proclear Ep contact lenses have both a central spherical distance range, as well as a progressive aspheric area. This excellent visibility in the area, in the distance, and in the intermediate area is possible. Proclear Ep to facilitate transition to the Balanced Progressive Technology of Proclear Multifocal when presbyopia progresses.The Proclear Ep months are soft contact lenses with phosphorylcholine, a natural substance. It is because of their absolute biocompatibility in medicine (artificial arteries etc.). Proclear Ep contact lenses from the eye considered as endogenous substance. Therefore remain Proclear Ep evenly throughout the day until late into the night wet, there is virtually no sensation of dryness in the eye. Proclear Ep are particularly suitable for computer work. From the elements emerged for the eyes made Proclear Ep. The biocompatible contact lens with an optimal water retention and high wearing comfort throughout the day. The natural solution for your eyes. Feel free to Proclear Ep. A high percentage of contact lens wearers complains of the decreasing comfort caused by the drying of the contact lens. The goal of the development of the Proclear Ep material is to ensure the high degree of comfort during long periods of wear.