Sauflon Clariti Multifocal – 6 monthly lenses



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High Oxygen Permeability:Promotes by more oxygen to the cornea a high level of comfort and eye health.Technology that makes a surface treatment superfluous. AquaGen is a patented process that makes a lasting good wetting during the entire gestation period possible.Low Modulus:Soft material for improved comfort and easier conversion of conventional contact lenses.High water content:Optimized biocompatibility.Uv A/B protection:Protects your eyes from harmful Uv rays. Contact lenses with Uv protection do not replace any sunglasses!Full progressive geometry of the optical zone. Soft transitions between the individual zones.Aspheric back surface:Optimized fit and centering.Simultaneous design with near zone in the center. Simple customization, high success rates.Two additions:For a variety of presbyopia.Large constant distance and near zone. Optimal visual acuity near and far.Materials silicone hydrogel lenses:Silicone hydrogel lenses are characterized by their excellent oxygen permeability, which has an excellent supply of the cornea result. It reaches up to 4 times more oxygen to the eye than traditional hydrogel lenses. Therefore, this group of materials is ideal for sensitive and dry eyes. The right balance of oxygen permeability, a low modulus and a high water content allows for a comfortable fit.Your advantage:very good supply of the cornea with oxygen (white eye at the end of gestation) long and carefree wearing times, partly over 14 hours (Guideline, depending on the nature of the eye) comfortable insertion and comfortease of use consuming administration is not applicable (for 1-day lenses).