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Clariti® 1day Silikon-Hydrogel Daily Contact Lenses: Clariti 1day ® contact lenses Sauflon Pharmaceuticals are highly oxygen-permeable premium 1-day lenses made from silicone hydrogel materials AquaGen with very high comfort level. The Clariti 1day ® Daily Disposable feel moist and can be worn in a long time. Today, more than 80% spherical days contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel material can be adjusted. Clariti 1day ® Daily Disposable is characterized by a high oxygen permeability value of Dk / t of 86 look good. This reaches 3.5x more oxygen to the eye in comparison to conventional hydrogel (soft) Daily Disposable. Test the Clariti 1day ® Daily Disposable, because the lens feels more comfortable than conventional hydrogel lenses, because a very low degree of stiffness (modulus) of 0.50 MPa and a high water content of 56% characterized the lenses.High permeabiltity of oxygen. Clariti 1day ® Daily Disposable have a Dk/t = 86 and provides 3.5x as much oxygen than conventional hydrogel lenses, a comfortable fit to the end of the day is guaranteed!High water content. Clariti 1day ® silicone hydrogel lenses are advantageous for biocompatibility with the ocular surface such as the cornea and conjunctiva.Lower degree of stiffness (modulus). By the proportion of silicone silicone hydrogel lenses are stiffer than traditional hydrogel lenses. The lower the modulus value is, the softer and more comfortable is the lens. This leads immediately after insertion into a pleasant spontaneous compatibility. Clariti 1day ® points with 0.50 MPa at a very low modulus value.Clariti® 1day the perfect balance! A contact lens that promotes comfort and the health of the eye, characterized by the perfect balance of oxygen permeability, high surface wetting, a low modulus value, untreated lens surface and a high water content. Through all these positive attributes is the Clariti 1day ® daily disposable contact lens new standards!