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The Pure Vision 2 Hd for Astigmatism contact lens is the latest innovation. The first Hd-toric contact lens with Auto Align design for consistent, clear and sharp vision all day. Better yet, look in high definition optics. Consistent, clear and sharp vision Exceptional comfort: Hd High Definition Optics ® reduces the spherical aberration of the cylindrical and spherical meridian of the eye and the contact lens. The Pure Vision For Astimatism 2 Hd was developed to reduce more than any other toric contact lens, the spherical aberration. AutoAlign Design ®: Hybrid Ballast System (Peri-and prism ballast design) with a large diameter (14.5 mm) and a large optical zone (8mm). In order to optimize the effect of the high definition optics, have the new Pure Vision 2 Hd for Astigmatism contact lenses a breakthrough design for the stabilization of the eye, the auto-align design. The ballast thickness is reduced by the efficient combination of Peri-and prism ballast. This results in the Pure Vision 2 Hd for Astigmatism continuous stabilization and even better on the eye. The enlarged diameter of 14.5 mm of time allows more room for an effective action of the stabilizing ballast, improved centering for an excellent visual acuity and a large effective optical zone of 8mm on all correction parameters. ComfortMoist®: Moisture-preserving wetting (poloxamine) in the packaging solution and a thin, rounded edge design. The ComfortMoist technology helps to provide the extra comfort with the Pure Vision 2 Hd for Astigmatism. The polaxaminhaltige storage solution in the package Biofinity Toric 2 Hd is a remarkably comfortable fit with every hook and promotes comfort during the day. Further ensures the extremely thin profile edge for extra comfort thanks to the uniform transition between contact lens and conjunctiva. The very high spontaneous compatibility and wearability is made possible by the gentle interaction between the Pure Vision 2 Hd for Astigmatism and eyelids. Clear and sharp vision with the new Silicone hydrogel contact lenses PureVision ® for Astigmatism 2 Hd! For incredible visual quality during the day and especially in low light conditions. The high oxygen permeability and allows for comfortable long-wearing contact lenses too late into the evening hours. Important Note: Please note carefully the latest recommendations of your contact lens specialist and written PureVision ® for Astigmatism 2 Hd Beipackinformationen by Bausch & Lomb. PureVision ® Contact Lenses for Astigmatism 2 Hd from Bausch & Lomb consist of a highly oxygen permeable material and are suitable for safe carrying up to 30 days and nights non-stop (extended-wear soft lenses). PureVision ® for Astigmatism 2 Hd are also used for daily wear for dry eyes and incompatibilities with other replacement lenses. PureVision ® as well as more genuine vision. Pure Vision ® is the result of 10 years of research and development work and many years of study an innovation with features perfectly balanced, with extraordinary eyes, tolerability and maximum comfort. The excellence of Pure Vision ® 2 Hd for Astigmatism contact lenses make it possible that they can be worn continuously for up to 30 days. The clever combination of silicone and hydrogel material provides the PureVision ® for Astigmatism 2 Hd excellent conditions for secure, risk-free extended wear. They’ll work with the technology AerGel a balancing fluid transport and storage of water. Simultaneously, the cornea in natural scale oxygen is supplied. The PureVision ® Contact Lens for Astigmatism 2 Hd gets a unique Performa surface treatment, which makes comparison with conventional contact lenses a higher biocompatibility. Through this process, the hydrophobic silicone on the lens surface to a wettable interface continuously, which counteracts the decrease in visual acuity and comfort due to deposits of lipids, proteins and debris excellent. PureVision ® for Astigmatism 2 Hd is the first spherical silicone hydrogel contact lens with aspheric optical design for a successful reduction of spherical aberration. That means clear, sharp vision, especially in low light. Through this spherical aberration correction provides PureVision ® for Astigmatism 2 Hd viewing experience in a high-quality, so high-resolution vision.