Biofinity Multifocal – 6 Monthly Lenses



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Biofinity Multifocal Monthly Contact Lenses from Cooper Vision. A novelty in the multifocal contact lenses provide the Biofinity Multifocal lenses dar. What makes these lenses is that they are made from silicone hydrogel and thus provide an even higher and more comfortable fit. This is due to the high oxygen permeability of Biofinity Multifocal silicone hydrogel.Recommendation for Lens Care: Dynaeasy 4. The Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses complement the existing product range of Biofinity contact lenses. The use of Biofinity Multifocal silicone hydrogel contact lenses for the manufacture of contact lenses brings the advantages in every respect. Soft contact lenses are dimensionally stable adhere to better, are more wettable and is overall a better view. The main reason for the good tolerance and good wearer comfort is the material. Silicone hydrogel consists of oxygen-permeable and water-repellent silicone polymer and water. The Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses can be worn by people of all ages. Because with the age-related vision deficiency multifocal contact lenses provide a unique advantage. A Biofinity Multifocal contact lens is suitable for local-and wide viewing area without changing the lens with a variable needs to have. This is mainly possible by the fact that necessary for the production of Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel no additional wetting agents. Dry the eyes out and still not obtain a clear view without looking blurry. The Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses, they provide an excellent alternative to glasses, they are also perfectly suitable for continuous support. Also suitable are the Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses even if you have an astigmatism.Go here for your Lens-Subscription..