Biofinity Monthly – 3 Monthly Lenses



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3 soft, highly oxygen-permeable monthly lens from Cooper Vision (Cadence premier lens, pure Airflow monthly and Eyefresh Air lenses are exactly the same, the same manufacturer as the Biofinity!)The 1-month lens Biofinity offers optimal comfort through breathable material for improved contact lens wear at any time day or night and this without any additives, coatings, wetting agents or other surface treatments.Recommendation Lens Care: Dynaeasy 4Please refer to the written Biofinity information. Perfect balance for real comfort! biofinity Aquaform Comfort Science, Biofinity toric breakthrough in materials technology of silicone hydrogels: the Aqua Form technology with optimized lens design, for a contact lens with unbeatable benefits: Aquaform a breakthrough in Siliconhydrogel Aquaform: Cooper Visions patented Aquaform material technology, is a unique silicone hydrogel. It combines unique Silikonmonomere that have a high oxygen transport allows hydrophilic and silicone components for a natural wetting of the contact lens surface. The result of this unique material has a high water content and a good oxygen permeability with a low stiffness and a permanently wetted surface. The optimized design of lens Biofinity carriers benefit from optimized lens design: Spherical front surface for better vision. Improved back surface design for optimal comfort. Patented rounded edge of the area for a reduced interaction of the conjunctiva during blinking. Discover complete comfort Sciences, the optimized lens design and material technology Aquaform into a unique comfort Comfort Science, a new standard of contact lenses: over the entire day, about the night the whole month. In addition, evidence Biofinity lower, arcuate epithelial lesions over a period of 3 months than the other silicone hydrogel on the market.