Acuvue2 – 6 Contact Lenses



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Acuvue ® 2 are lenses to be changed every 14 days. They offer excellent quality of vision and an optimal oxygen supply to the eyes. For long-lasting well-being of your eyes, Acuvue ® 2 also provides a novel design with a very thin and therefore more comfortable contact lens edge. This special edge design and the mark-handling make the daily putting-in very simple. Due to the exceptionally good wearing comfort and easy handling, according to a U.S. study, two out of three contact lens wearers prefer Acuvue ® 2 with respect to their previously worn contact lenses.Acuvue ® 2-contact lenses are put in daily and replaced by a fresh pair after a 14 days period. The constant replacement every 14 days prevents long-term deposits, which can affect vision quality and comfort. Just from this brief exchange rhythm benefit your eyes. Because the more often you replace your contact lenses with fresh, new contact lenses, the healthier it is for your eyes. Special feature: Acuvue ® 2 also has a highly effective Uv filter that protects the cornea and into the interior of the eye from up to 99% of Uvb rays and up to 88% of Uva rays.