Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal 30 Daily lenses


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Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal 30 Tageslinsen Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal, 30 Pieces of contact lenses from Dynoptic. Highly oxygen-permeable premium 1-day lens made of silicone hydrogel material for very high wearing comfort and long, comfortable wearing times. 30 Daily lenses made of silicone hydrogel material Silicone hydrogel lenses are the most adapted contact lenses today. Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal stands out due to its oxygen permeability value of Dk / t 86 forth, that means up to 3,5 More oxygen can get to the eye compared to conventional 1-day hydrogel lenses. Fresh contact lenses every day The low modulus of 0.50 MPa and the high water content of 56% characterize the soft, Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal that is comfortable to wear. These features make it easier to switch from conventional 1-day lenses. Daily lenses with high oxygen permeability and high water content High oxygen permeability Dk / t = 86 delivers 3,5 Times as much oxygen as conventional hydrogel lenses, so that with Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal a high level of comfort is given until the end of the day. High water content Beneficial for the biocompatibility of the Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal with the surface of the eye. Low degree of stiffness (Technical term modulus) The silicone portion makes silicone hydrogel lenses “stiffer” than conventional hydrogel lenses. The lower the modulus value, the softer the lens is, which leads to pleasant spontaneous comfort immediately after insertion. Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal shows 0,50 MPa has a low modulus value. Very good tuning A lens, which promotes pleasant comfort and corneal health, is characterized by the right balance of oxygen permeability, untreated surface, high surface wetting, a low modulus value and high water content. With regard to this balance of properties, Lensy Daily Clever Multifocal sets standards.