The Biofinity is the Continuous Wear monthly lens from CooperVision. It is so breathable, so that you can 30 For days at a time — even overnight. Biofinity contact lenses give you completely new freedom and are therefore more independent. Free from daily cleaning- and retention ceremony, you can face your everyday life or longer journeys more relaxed.

The Biofinity contact lenses are top-quality products from CooperVision. The patented new Aquaform material makes the lenses particularly soft. Thanks to the increased wearing comfort, the feeling is conveyed to you, no contact lenses to wear.

You should take out your lenses, The Smooth Blue tint makes it easier for you to use. With the so-called Dealing with Tint, you can find your contact lenses better in the container. In addition, inserting the lenses is much easier. The range of diopter values ​​is from +8. 00 get a bus -12. 00 dpt wide, so that many customers can enjoy the benefits of Biofinity.


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